The Composition of the Internal Complaints Committee
Name & Details
1 Dr. Binod Chowdhary, Assistant Professor & HOD, Department of Physical Education, Teacher-in-Charge
2 Dr. Debasri Basu (Das), Associate Professor & HOD, Department of Philosophy, Chairperson
3 Dr. Tapan Kumar Manna, Associate Professor & HOD, Department of Chemistry, Convener
4 Dr. Chitta Ranjan Pal, Associate Professor & HOD, Dept. of Commerce, Member
5 Prof. Pampi Ghosh, Assistant Professor & HOD, Dept. of Botany, Member
6 Sri Naresh Mondal, Member, Non-teaching Staff
7 Student Representative : Mohan Hembram
8 Prof. Sukumar Dhara, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry